The World Bank Legal Internship 2024 | World bank

The World Bank Legal Internship 2024 | World bank

World Bank Legal Internship 2024 is an extremely coveted internship that attracts talented law students  around the globe. Through this World Bank internship opportunity, they gain insight into multidimensional environments while further honing their abilities within this global and multifaceted environment. Widely known in legal circles as World Bank Legal Vice Presidency 2024 this internship encourages top law students to provide inventive solutions for law-related problems while strengthening legal abilities further.

The World Bank offers law students an exciting Legal Internship Program through their Legal Vice Presidency team at IBRD member nations and with good English knowledge (speaking Arabic, Chinese, French Russian or Spanish may also be advantageous). Interns will get involved with legal research work as well as meetings and projects before going back to law school themselves. It provides them an unparalleled chance to understand international development law first-hand! This three-phase internship includes fall, summer, and spring phases during which interns engage with legal work/research projects/analyze details/benefit from meetings/projects while becoming part of IBRD member nation citizen nation citizenship/language competency requirements (depending upon national citizenship/ citizenship requirements for IBRD member nations/national citizenship/good English knowledge/knowledge may also benefit). Interns participate actively throughout all three phases during fall, summer/spring time; during each stage interns work/research projects/analyze details while contributing their ideas/studying alongside the Legal Vice Presidency team to contribute ideas/study while working alongside Legal Vice Presidency team to provide input/study ideas/study together while being exposed firsthand!! It runs throughout fall, summer/spring; interns become involved in legal work/research as well as meetings/project participation). It runs throughout three stages that span fall/summer are involved with meetings/project participation!

World Bank Group Legal Vice Presidency Internship (LEG VPU), available to national as well as international students, serves a basic but significant mission by offering its Legal Vice Presidency Internship program (LEG VPU). Interns gain initial exposure to some of the most studied laws and theories while getting firsthand experience working alongside Legal Vice-Presidency personnel from both within the Bank itself as well as external joint venture partners such as legal services firms that collaborate closely together – giving students current knowledge as well as research experience working alongside experts with global expertise!

Legal interns at the World Bank work collaboratively under the leadership of top professionals as well as outstanding personnel of its Legal Vice-Presidency, providing top law students an exceptional opportunity to enter legal practice by supporting them in their duties related to work at this renowned organization. It’s no secret that development goals are central to its work at this institution – something the Legal Vice President helps achieve with this internship opportunity!

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The World Bank Legal Internship 2024:


  • USA and Other Countries


  • World Bank


  • All International


  • 12 weeks

The World Bank Legal Internship 2024 Benefits:

  • Interns will take part in major conferences and events as interns. Students will learn legal practice under some of the most esteemed legal practitioners from Legal Vice President’s team.
  • Interns will gain three months of professional internship experience as law students studying Law at law schools, universities or colleges. They could work either at the World Bank headquarters in Washington D.C. or one of its country offices around the globe.
  • Students have three chances per year to intern with WB: summer internship programs (August through September), autumn intern programmes, winter intern programmes and spring intern programmes.

The World Bank Legal Internship 2024 Eligibility Criteria:

  • An applicant for IBRO membership must reside within an IBRO member state and currently be studying law (LLB, JD, LLM, SJD or PhD, among other legal programs). When applying, proof of an international recognized insurance policy should also be presented.
  • Candidate must meet WB guidelines regarding payment to institutions or any funding organizations in accordance with WB policies and guidelines. Any language not related to work (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian or Spanish) will also be taken into consideration for consideration as applicants.
  • Students from both countries are eligible to submit applications.

Application Procedure For The World Bank Legal Internship 2024:

  • The candidate must complete the eligibility test.
  • All the documents you need to upload in the form of PDF.
  • The applicant is required to choose between three groupings of corporate or operational practice which are listed when filling out the application.
  • The applicant must select the preferred location and destination of the work. The applicant can select up to three different countries.

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Application Deadline:

The Application Deadline For World Bank Legal Internship is in 30th April.

Apply Now  Official Site:

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