CERN Doctoral Student Program 2024-2025 | Switzerland

CERN Doctoral Student Program 2024-2025 | Switzerland

CERN Doctoral Student Program offers fully funded research student positions for Swiss students studying under its auspices at CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research). Scientists and engineers study its fundamental structures such as its investigations on matter like particles that interact via acceleration of light; scientists can discover basic laws of nature as well as understand how particles behave using cutting-edge scientific instruments that make this possible through this student program at CERN.

Doctoral students looking to expand their research are eligible to participate in these fully funded opportunities for up to 36 months while working on cutting-edge areas of study for dissertation research projects, with up to 36 months being dedicated to finishing dissertation research projects. Doctoral Research Opportunities offer doctoral students working on cutting-edge areas of research accessing world-famous scientists who add great value and collaborate in large-scale, high-quality projects; it gives you access to world-renowned scientists/physicists/engineers that add immense benefit and collaboration opportunities!

The CERN doctoral student program gives participants an unparalleled chance to make an impactful contribution to our world. Successful applicants should expect to gain expertise across an array of cutting-edge disciplines at CERN, including applied computing, mathematics, physics, and electronics engineering; instrumentation to accelerate particle physics research as well as materials research; radiation protection measures designed to safeguard environmental protection; surveys; science communication as well as ultrahigh vacuum. A variety of doctoral dissertation topics is available and you may select your dissertation according to both personal preferences as well as academic background – CERN will then assign you one that best matches up with both profiles and application specifics.

CERN provides researchers with an international research platform within Europe with many advantages for research purposes. Researchers receive every month an allowance of 3868 Swiss Francs each to cover living costs when researching projects; travel opportunities will also be made available, along with additional cost for spouses or children; two to five paid leave days can also be taken as paid leave days per month throughout their program; which lasts four years depending on individual availability – don’t put off applying – now is the time! Before applications close!

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CERN Doctoral Student Program 2025:


  • Geneva Switzerland


  • Three Years


  • European Council for Nuclear Research


  • All International

CERN Doctoral Student Program 2025 Benefits:

  • CERN offers association contracts lasting from six to 36 months, with the possibility of extending to four years for completion. Contestants will receive a monthly allowance of 3868 Swiss Francs and travel reimbursement.
  • Married individuals will receive additional allowances and health coverage. They will also have the opportunity to explore Switzerland with a minimum of two to five paid days off per month. Experience with writing an overseas doctoral thesis is required.

CERN Doctoral Student Program 2025 Eligibility Criteria:

  • Join global CERN participant family as an advanced doctoral degree candidate or educational establishment student, by enrolling or studying towards one.
  • Your thesis must relate directly to CERN as well as any doctoral degrees earned; such awards are issued by institutions where one works.
    Great proficiency with both English and French as separate languages.

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Application Procedure for  CERN Doctoral Student Program 2025:

  • Candidates interested in applying to the CERN Administrative Student Program 2024 by filling out an online application can do so via this site by selecting the Apply Now button on the right and choosing “I am interested” on top.
  • Candidates applying to the CERN Administrative Student Program must register on LinkedIn either with smart profiles, Indeed accounts, or submission of resume/CV in an open box for resumes/CVs. They should strive for accurate information while leaving an inspiring and memorable message about why they want to join it.
  • Applying multiple times for CERN jobs within Europe must complete their applications individually. Utilize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as it could only come around once!
    Please keep in mind that any documents received after deadlines like the CERN Administrative student program deadline are disregarded; to be taken seriously by CERN it is therefore imperative that applications for students be received before this CERN deadline is reached.
  • By the end of October 2024, CERN Administrative Student Program 2024 results will be revealed.

Application Deadline:

The Application deadline For CERN Doctoral Student Program is 29, July, 2024

Apply Now  Official Site:

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