MEXT Scholarship 2024-2025 Japan | Application

MEXT Scholarship 2024-2025 Japan | Application

Are You Planning on Attending University in Japan and Study Abroad? Consider Applying for the MEXT Scholarship 2024-2025 Today. In this post, we provide details of this award along with its benefits as well as steps needed for application completion.

MEXT Scholarship 2024-2025 is an internationally  scholarship award available to undergraduate and postgraduate international students. MEXT covers costs related to tuition fees, accommodations daily living allowance and round trip airfare from your country of residence into Japan.

MEXT of Japan provides scholarships to international students wanting to enroll at Japanese universities for either undergraduate studies (undergrad) or research studies (masters/PhD) through its Scholarships Program.

MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship applications typically open each April. Awarded annually, this MEXT Embassy-Suggested Award requires no knowledge of Japanese Language nor IELTS/TOEFL exams for eligibility – simply make your way over to your local Japanese Embassy for more details and an application can be filed via them!

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MEXT Scholarship 2024-2025 Japan:


  • Japan


  • Masters, PhD,

Scholarship Type:

  • Fully Funded


  • All Internantional

MEXT Scholarship 2024-2025 Japan Benefits:

MEXT Scholarship provides International students who wish to attend universities in Japan free of charge an opportunity to do so through fully funded scholarship grants. Students eligible will enjoy:

  • Allowances include Monthly Stipend Allowance and Preparatory Allowance (2024 Rate). Education fees such as Entrance Exam fees and tuition for Universities may also be payable via MEXT.
  • Travel expenses: Transportation from Japan MEXT covers your airfare travel costs when making the journey from overseas. When selecting Economy class tickets on flights within Japan, these will also apply to economy class tickets on return journeys back home.
  • Facilities: Residential halls for international students from universities can also be made available.
  • The MEXT Scholarship 2024-2025 provides comprehensive financial support, covering tuition fee, accommodation fees, daily living allowances and round trip airfare expenses incurred while training or living in Japan. Everything associated with your training/living/travel experience in Japan will be taken care of.

MEXT Scholarship 2024-2025 Japan Eligibility Criteria:

To be considered eligible for MEXT Scholarship, applicants must meet these requirements: MEXT Scholarship candidates must also fulfill all of the criteria outlined herein (in sections below)

  • Course Language: English
  • Candidates must come from countries that share diplomatic ties with Japan at the time they file. An applicant with Japanese nationality at this moment would not qualify.
  • Undergraduate Program Students should be aged 17-25 and should have either completed 12th-year education (high school equivalent) or been studying similar coursework at another similar college (including students about to graduate)
  • PhD and Masters Students must meet two conditions to be admitted: age 35 as well as being recent graduates (or potential graduates) from an accredited college/university; or possess at least the equivalent of 16-18 years of school education.
  • Students Enrolled in Teacher Training Those enrolling in teacher training must be under 35 and possess at least five years of teaching experience either within primary/secondary schools in your nation, or teacher-training colleges within that nation.
  • To qualify as Japanese Study students: applicants should be between the ages of 18-30. Candidates should also be undergraduate students studying Japanese languages or culture at colleges outside Japan in the year they arrive here and at their own institutions upon returning home afterwards.

Application procedure for MEXT Scholarship 2024-2025 Japan:

  • locate the Japanese Consulate or Embassy for your nation, then access their official site in order to learn about MEXT awards under Education/Scholarship tab of that site’s Education/Scholarship section. Within that tab is where MEXT Scholarship application form should be downloaded before returning it completed and signed with them at home or office for review and completion.
  • Submit all required documents (listed below) to the Japanese Embassy of your nation for testing purposes and interviews to take place with participants. Written tests will then be given by The Japanese Embassy – see an Example Test With Answers Here for reference! After which interviews will take place with all involved.
  • Successful participants will be informed via email or the Embassy website of their success.

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Application Deadline:

The Application Deadline For Mext Scholarship japan Varies from Embassy to Embassy.

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