Italian Government Scholarship 2024 | Italy

Italian Government Scholarship 2024 | Italy

Start your educational journey off right by making Italy part of it! Now is an excellent time to apply for the Italian Government Scholarship 2024; applications have opened today! In this post we’ll outline its benefits as well as outline its step-by-step application process.

Italian Government Scholarship 2024-2025 offers fully funded master’s degrees or doctoral studies at highly acclaimed Italian universities to international students from outside Italy. This scholarship covers monthly payments of EUR900 euro as well as tuition costs and medical insurance costs associated with them.

MAECI intends to promote cooperation in technology and science research as well as international exchange, Italian language learning, cultural heritage preservation, economic system support throughout all parts of the globe (as per Law 288/55 and its amendments and changes). Scholarships exist which enable students to conduct studies or research at Italian Higher Education Institutes that are both legally recognized and publicly-funded.

Italy boasts 61 vibrant public universities and 30 private institutions with 11 research institutions, innovative universities, AFAM (Centers for Higher Educational Artistic Studies), and 339 programs taught entirely in English – Italy offers so much more to teach its visitors than just Italian!

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Italian Government Scholarship 2024:


  • Italy


  •  Masters and PhD


  • All International

Italian Government Scholarship 2024 Benefits:

Italian Government Scholarships provide their recipients with several advantages:

  • Health and Medical Insurance Grantees who receive grants through MAECI are covered under medical or health insurance contracted with us for as long as their grant remains active, although coverage does not extend to incidents stemming from preexisting health problems or pathologies.
  • Tuition Fees
    Grantees may be exempted from having to pay tuition and enrollment fees at certain universities according to university policies, although exemption is not granted in courses teaching Italian culture and language for which tuition fees must still be paid.
  • Financial Grant
    Grantees will receive an allotment of EUR900 every quarter deposited directly into their Italian bank accounts.

Italian Government Scholarship 2024 Eligibility Criteria:

Here are the requirements to become eligible for Italian Government Scholarships to International Students:

  • Required Language for Translation Services in English
  • Students from eligible foreign countries cannot apply. Applicants for Master’s Degree and Higher Educational Arts, Music and Dance (AFAM) programs as well as Italian Language and Culture Courses must not have reached 28 at the time of submission (renewals excluded).
  • PhD Program applications from international students who do not currently reside in Italy can only be submitted and completed at an application portal outside Italy. Candidates to these PhD Programs should not exceed 30 at the time of solicitation with renewal options being possible up to five times over their lifespan.
  • Proof of proficiency in Italian isn’t necessary for classes conducted entirely in English; candidates for Research Projects under academic supervision don’t need to be older than 40 at the closing date of this invitation.
  • Candidates in this instance must provide evidence demonstrating proficiency in their English Language skills; the minimum proficiency requirement as specified by CEFR is B2.
  • Admission into Italy for Master’s degree programs depends upon successful completion of an undergraduate degree from their home country; continued studies are given if their initial studies go smoothly.
  • To enroll in Italian language and culture classes, applicants must present proof that they can speak the Italian language; at minimum, this means having reached level A2 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
  • To be eligible to attend one of Italy’s AFAM Institutes, applicants must fulfill both entry requirements and academic credentials established by each University/Institute.
  • To receive their PhDs in Italy, applicants must meet all entry and academic requirements established by their University and provide evidence of acceptance via a letter from it.
  • Research under Academic Supervision grants are offered for research conducted in Italian Research Institutions such as CNR’s Italian Research Council (IRC), Italian National Institute of Health – ISS and INFN as well as publicly owned Universities or museums and archives under academic oversight (e.g. INFN for Nuclear Physics; INAF for Astrophysics); INFN for Astrophysics INFN; Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research ISPRA as supervised by academics).

Application Procedure For Italian Government Scholarship 2024:

  • Application process for Italy Scholarship 2024-2025 year of Italy government has now gone online. To apply scholarship3 choose “Apply Now”, log-in to the portal, and then upload your complete application (all required information included). Ensure all required fields have been filled out to maximize chances for consideration for an award.
    Apply for the Italy Government Scholarship before June 9th, 2024 if you submit the correct data and review eligibility requirements on their official portal using the link below.

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Application Deadline:

The Application Deadline For Italian Government Scholarship will Announce Soon.

Apply Now  Official Site:


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