Commonwealth Scholarships UK 2024 | Study In UK

Commonwealth Scholarships UK 2024 | Study In UK

Start your academic journey right now in the UK – thanks to us and the Commonwealth Scholarships UK! The good news is, that this article provides an in-depth explanation of both what the scholarship provides as well as steps for the submission process.

Commonwealth Scholarship UK 2024  is an internationally prestigious master’s or Ph.D. award open to applicants worldwide, covering tuition costs as well as providing monthly allowance of PS1,347 per month plus economy class return flight back home as well as grants or allowances to help cover vital expenses.

This master’s program, administered by an agency, is one of three Master’s degrees available through the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission.

The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK (CSC) operates under part of the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP), representing an impressive demonstration of UK commitment towards Commonwealth member nations. Attracting people of outstanding ability across backgrounds while aiding pioneering and innovation after returning home. Combining sustainable development efforts with UK national interests while offering potential partnerships or collaboration possibilities makes CSC efforts both sustainable and impressively efficient.

Commonwealth PhD Scholarships The Commonwealth PhD Scholarships provide funding to eligible students from least developed and fragile States according to the OECD Development Assistance Committee’s list, for full-time PhD study at UK universities.

The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK (CSC) is an exciting government-backed scholarship program focused on international development goals and designed to attract people with exceptional talents and identifiable potential from all kinds of backgrounds to develop innovative leaders when returning home, the CSC integrates sustainable development goals and UK national interests while opening up international partnership and collaboration opportunities.

Funding comes through the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO). Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships allow talented and driven people to acquire the information and abilities needed for sustainable development, but may otherwise not afford an education here in Britain. They target those who may otherwise not have access to such courses of higher learning.

Commonwealth PhD scholarships, funded through the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), assist Commonwealth nations by funding research with a direct impact on development needs. Furthermore, these scholarships help improve individuals’ research and teaching capacities which in turn strengthen institutions across many fields, including academics. Ultimately they aid UK universities by drawing top international students while building networks through connections & collaboration; targeting those unable to study within its borders as a special bonus!

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Commonwealth Scholarships UK 2024:


  • UK


  •  Masters and Ph.D.



  • All International

Commonwealth Scholarships UK 2024 Benefits:

  • Travel from Scholar’s home country to UK for study purposes; flights must return home after confirmation of award (CSC will not reimburse airfares of dependents nor travel costs incurred prior to confirmation of award).
  • Tuition fee approved by the CSC: All costs related to tuition fees will be covered through an agreement reached between CSC and UK universities; scholars cannot be held liable for paying their portion of tuition fees.
  • Living allowance in the amount of PS1,347 per month; PS1,652 in London Metropolitan Region universities for university students who meet certain conditions (rates are subject to change); Warm clothing allowance as applicable.
  • Grants for study travel provide financial relief against costs related to study travel both within the UK and internationally.
  • Scholars with children under 16 living at their same address will qualify for an allowance of PS576.61 each month; an allowance will also be made available if all their children reside together under 16.
  • Applying for a Ph.D.: Here are the factors they must keep in mind before being admitted:
  • Scholars’ airfare must be approved to and from their country of residence before proceeding with any grant; any costs for dependent fares paid after award has been confirmed will not be reimbursed by CSC.
  • Tuition Fee Approved by CSC: Total charges will be covered through an agreement between CSC and UK university; scholars cannot be held accountable to pay any portion of tuition fees themselves.
  • Living allowance of PS1,347 per calendar month; this figure increases to PS1,652 per month based on current rates (rates may change over time). Primary Warm clothing allowances, as applicable.
  • Study Travel Grant is intended to cover expenses relating to study in either the UK or overseas, including fieldwork in foreign countries (one economy class return flight is provided when fieldwork locations have been approved).
  • Scholars eligible to claim child and spouse allowances as part of their scholarship or have received a return flight back home for work will be entitled to one free midterm trip in their home country (airfare included).
    Family Allowances will be calculated as follows (current rates):
  • When joining their spouse without children, scholars who do not also receive scholarships receive a spouse allowance of PS290 per month for up to nine months provided they reside together within the UK (unless additional terms may also apply).
  • If the Scholar is supported by their spouse and/or children, each will receive an allowance totaling PS290 each month; their children under 16 who reside at their same UK address (unless one spouse also received a scholarship and additional conditions apply) will also be entitled to receive payments of PS290 monthly; spouses will also receive this sum (PS290 per month for themselves and another PS143 per month – provided no exceptions apply such as additional scholarships being received by either one).
  • If a Scholar lives with siblings but no partner, each child’s allowances would be calculated at PS576.61 each month and PS143 per month per child under 16 residing together at one address in the UK.
  • CSC can conduct an in-depth review of any needs related to disabilities as well as potential financial support from additional resources for Scholars that identify themselves with this group.
  • CSC family allowances are intended to cover only part of the costs incurred while caring for family members traveling with scholars in the UK; care could easily cost much more. Thus scholars are allowed to supplement them to assist relatives that travel alongside them during their study stay in Britain.

Commonwealth Scholarships UK 2024 Eligibility Criteria:

Masters applicants:

  • Must either be citizens or granted refugee status by any qualifying Commonwealth nation; OR be eligible British Protected Individuals and reside permanently within any of these qualifying nations.
  • Prepare yourself to study in the UK prior to September 2024 when this academic year begins in Britain.
  • At the end of September 2024, an applicant must possess either an undergraduate degree that earned at least upper second class (2:1 honors standard), lower second-class or other comparable postgraduate qualification such as an advanced degree*. As the CSC doesn’t typically fund multiple Master’s degrees simultaneously, applicants wishing to do so would need to justify why this topic appeals.
  • With this award, if there are insufficient funds available for university study in the UK this award should help provide you with enough support. All documentation must be in its appropriate form and be for consideration

For Ph.D applicants:

  • Are citizens or granted refugee status from one or more Commonwealth nations, as well as eligible British Protected Individuals. And permanently reside within an eligible Commonwealth country.
  • Start studying in the UK as of September 2024 if possible!
  • Starting September 2024, applicants for citizenship will require at minimum an undergraduate degree earning at least second class upper (2:1) Honors standard or second class lower degree status and/or an appropriate postgraduate qualification such as an advanced or Master’s degree*.
  • Not registered as having received their PhD award or possess an MPhil that led them towards earning it before September/October 2024 in their country of origin, nor with enough funds available through this award, to attend university in Britain with this prize.
  • All supporting documents must be presented in the appropriate format.

Application procedure For Commonwealth Scholarships UK 2024:

  • How to apply: Anyone interested in receiving the Commonwealth Scholarship 2024 must make application through their respective National Nominating Agencies in their home nation in order to be considered for consideration. Each country has specific eligibility rules and application deadlines they need to abide by to become a recipient of such an award.
  • Your program of interest must be provided by an institution with an established partnership with the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission, such as an accredited university that can apply on your behalf to the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission for funding. If accepted into such an accredited program they can submit your application on your behalf.
  • Start your application through the online process available on your country’s section of the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission website. When completing and submitting the request form through that country’s site, your request will go straight to their nominee agency for processing.

Document Requirements Before starting the online application process, ensure you possess these essential documents:

  • Documentary evidence of citizenship or refugee status must also be presented for consideration when applying for citizenship or refugee status. Complete transcripts listing all university degrees earned; certificating the completion thereof are also needed as documentation for citizenship applications.
  • Referrals from two people must be provided by the person acting as a referee for an application made online while supporting evidence must come from within UK institutions listed and provided directly by potential supervisors themselves.
  • All documents uploaded for online applications must not exceed 5MB in size and be saved as PDF, Docx, and JPG documents.

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Application Deadline:

The Application Deadline For Commonwealth Scholarships UK Varies From University to University.

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